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Conference Bags

February 10 2015

Grenada Promotions is your one stop shop for all things conference bag related!


At Grenada, we have spent the last 17 years perfecting our conference bag game. We know the ins and outs of the industry and we especially know what products make a conference the most effective and enjoyable for your attendees.


The first point of call is the conference bag. There are a few different options that you can take. The first is a branded paper bag. Recently, branding your own paper bag has become more affordable and the minimum amount has significantly dropped. This option is appropriate if you are enviro-friendly and you prefer a disposable bag. Paper bags also give you the option of size, materials and in some cases, shape.


If you are after a more permanent bag, maybe a tote bag is the way to go. Tote bags also come in a variety different colours and sizes and have a large branding area. While typical,  tote bags have a proven history of being effective conference bags.


If neither of these options sound very appealing, why not try something completely different like a cooler bag or a full colour laptop bag? By giving your attendee something a little different that is so useful in real life, it is likely that it will be used again and again reminding the attendee of your brand and the message of your conference. 



Once you have chosen a bag, the next step is to fill it with useful items. These items can include pens, theme stress shapes, branded water or drink bottles, notebooks, compendiums, post it notes, lollies, nuts and nibbles.  All of these things contribute to making the conference effective and enjoyable for your attendees.


At Grenada, we also like to think outside of the typical conference bag ideas and give you a few that will give you the edge over your competitors. These include neoprene device cases, power banks, charging cords and Bluetooth self-timer remote shutters. The possibilities are endless, just shoot us an email for even more ideas.


We can even also help you pick out a speaker gift to thank your special guest for sharing their wisdom. These gifts include a variety of techno gadgets, like speakers and power banks, gift hampers, picnic kits, cheese sets and other branded gifts.


As an added bonus, if you buy all your products from us, we will pack your conference bags for you. We are also happy to coordinate products for your bag from multiple contributors or investors. This way you, and your contributor, can be sure that each of the products in the conference bag are high quality and different from each other. If you have any questions regarding the packing or coordination behind conference bags, please send an email to jack@grenadapromotions.com.au for more information.



We just want to make having great conference bags easier for you.